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Some recommendations for the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

Consultations start this week on the Ontario government's proposed Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, with public meetings in Owen Sound on Thursday and Windsor and St. Thomas on Friday (with St. Catharines on the schedule next week and Guelph the week after that).

Rather than continue my previous post, I thought I'd rearrange my followup as answers to some of the questions asked in the government's consultation paper. In comparison with the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, I'm hoping we see lower caps, wider distribution of funds, fewer pre-set barriers for applicants (especially since they are primarily used to exclude smaller, younger companies), and an evaluation that goes beyond counting the number of jobs that applicants claim will be created.

Should the fund focus exclusively on providing direct support to businesses? Should some funding be provided to community organizations?
There should be funding for both businesses and community/regional organizations. T…