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Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Council emphasizes exports, productivity, innovation

Advantage Ontario, the full report of the Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Council—chaired by Royal Bank CEO Gord Nixon—was released on Wednesday. It focuses on five areas: exports, productivity, innovation/entrepreneurship, skills/training, and regulation.

The report mostly repeats a lot of familiar observations at a very high level, so we get the usual (which isn't to say incorrect) plaints about how Ontario businesses underinvest in R&D, how the regulatory burden is an impediment to growth, that our companies need to focus more on exports to emerging markets, that government business support programs are too fragmented, immigration is vital, manufacturing is critical to the economy, not enough parents and students appreciate careers in the skilled trades, and so on. All things we've heard many times before.

Which would be fine, if the report facilitated action on fixing these issues, but in most cases the recommendations are only a notch or two above "something shoul…