Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Best Canadian business blogs ... and mine

Just wanted to thank Andrew Willis of The Globe & Mail for including this blog as one of his five picks for Canada's best business blogs. Most of my favourite blogs aren't even on the list -- I think the Wellington Financial blog is the only other one I often read (also a Willis pick) and many of the others are ones I've never heard of. I'll have to take a look to see what I'm missing.

There's a poll where readers can choose their favourites among the ones nominated by the Globe's writers. I don't imagine too many Globe readers will be voting for a site that focuses on Waterloo tech news -- and I doubt that I can clear my cookies fast enough or log on to enough proxy servers to have much impact. :-) But it was nice to be mentioned when so many deserving others weren't.

UPDATE: Now that I read things more carefully, it says "finance and investment" blogs -- which mine really isn't, although there is a monthly stock section. That explains the e-mail I got from someone wanting to interview me about my investment philosophy (That would make a gripping story: "Um, well, actually I don't invest in any of the companies I write about.")

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Can Windsor use a non-snub to energize a focus on innovation?

OMG, did you hear? There's a new $100 million "Innovation SuperCorridor" initiative from the province introduced in the budget...