Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Added bonus for StartupCampLondon: eProf at Chinaccelerator

On top of the other items on the schedule at StartupCampLondon tomorrow (Thursday) as an extra added bonus, we'll have Trevor Koverko from eProf talk about his experience spending the summer at Chinaccelerator, a TechStars-network accelerator in China. eProf was launched by Western students earlier this year and helped by BizInc, the new student incubator at UWO.

So we have:
  • Featured speaker: Roger Skubowius, founder of Reqwireless, a mobile apps startup that was acquired by Google
  • Trevor Koverko of eProf on his Chinaccelerator experience
  • Titus Ferguson and Adam Caplan from UnLondon to talk about the open data app contest using the City of London's 2012 budget data
  • An opportunity to see the UnLab hackerspace, which is right downstairs from StartupCamp
That's all on top of the informal presentations from startups (just sign your name on the whiteboard when you arrive and you can talk about your idea or startup and get everyone's feedback), which are at the core of the event.

And we may still get to hear from Jaafar Haidar about his experience last month in having his latest initiative, Carbyn, featured on TechCrunch—although it's looking like Jaafar may be on the highway coming back from Buffalo and unable to make it.

WHEN: Thursday, October 27, 5:30pm
WHERE: Convergence Centre, 999 Collip Circle, London [Map]
Register here

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