Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roundabout crossings and yield to pedestrian signs

Just a quick followup to a Tweet that generated a couple of questions. The Tweet included a link to a news story in London showing a roundabout with no marked pedestrian crossings, no yield sign, and suggesting that the City of London was powerless to do anything about it. That seemed odd, having spent the last several years living near one of the many roundabouts in Waterloo -- one that has both marked crossings and yield to pedestrian signs:

So, somehow Waterloo found a way to have marked crossings and pedestrian yield signs. They aren't always as effective as you'd hope they'd be, although it got better over time. I think everyone who lives near a roundabout has stories of drivers not yielding. But the marked crossings are there and the signs are there, and the news story in London made it sound like that was something that couldn't be done.

UPDATE: Waterloo created its own rules for yielding to pedestrians at roundabouts. According to the Record, the Ontario Traffic Manual states: “In Ontario, there is no formal pedestrian right-of-way at roundabouts unless accompanied by a traffic control device.”

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